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Through unexpected pathways we develop an architecture far away from imitative procedures, for away from repeating models. Multi-dimensional approaches, minor interventions and major projects all form part of our background and they are all handled with the same interest.

Each and every problem is worthy of an in-depth search for the right solution, because the magic of architecture lies in the intensity and passion that go into it.

Flora Manteola

Architect graduated at University of Buenos Aires (1962). She is part of studio Manteola, Sánchez Gómez, Santos, Solsona, Salaberry, Vinson Architecs since its creation. She is in charge of Work related to building recicling, projects for education, office and housing. She was member for many years of the Central Society of Architects Executive Committee.
She was Full Professor of Introduction of Project Development and Practice of Project (Common Basic Clicle at Buenos Aires University). She is a member of the Association of Jurors and Advisors of the Buenos Aires Central Society of Architects and the Association of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires. She has been invited as a lecturer at several academic and career centers. In 2016, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded by the Central Society of Architects of CABA.

Javier Sánchez Gómez

Architect graduated in 1962 at the University of Buenos Aires. Inside the Studio MSGSSS Architects performs tasks of project, especially working on topics related to large complex of urban and suburban housing developments and recreation centers. Consulting Professor of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires, in the Architecture Vertical Workshop Sánchez Gómez-Berdichevsky-Lopatín-Amette, from first to fifth course. He was Academic Secretary thereof and for two periods, representative of the Teaching staff on the Board. As a member of the College of Jurors and Advisors of the Central Society of Architects, he was jury in numerous architectural competitions. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded by the Central Society of Architects of CABA, in 2016. He has been named Professor Emeritus at the UBA since 2016.

Joaquín Sánchez Gómez

Architect (FADU / UBA, 1995), Specialist in Urban Projects (Post graduate course FADU/UBA, 2002). Associate Professor of the subjects Urban Project and Architectural Project, Chair Solsona-Ledesma, FADU/UBA. Partner of the firms OSM architecture (1996/2006) and R2b1 firm (2006/2016). He has received the Distinción Rectorado University of Buenos Aires for the recognition, a Mention in the category collective housing of the 14th prize SCA CPAU of architecture for the Building Campos Salles, as well as the Distinction for the building Cramer on the 10th edition. Also the Distinction at the International Biennial of Argentine Architecture for the Towers Procrear 2014, the 3rd prize ARQ-FADEA 2011, and the Prize Windows to the Future (CAyC) in 2009. His works have participated in expositions : The Material of what has been Built (Argentina), Trust (RIBA, London), Recent Work 2009/2012 (SCA, COAM Madrid), HEX (CCBA), Contemporaries (CCBorges), among others. Since 2016 he has been a partner of MSGSSS architects.

Damián Vinsón

Architect (UBA, 1989). Member of Studio Manteola, Sánchez Gómez, Santos, Solsona, Sallaberry, Vinson Architects, since the end of the 80’s. He is an associate professor of the subjects Architecture 2 and Architecture 3 in the Chair Amette-Sanchez Gómez-Berdichevsky-Lopatin, School of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Buenos Aires. He was a member of the Court of Honor of the Central Society of Architects (2001-04). First prize promotion 1990 at FADU UBA awarded by CPAU. Conference "Architecture from sketch to final design, from detail to the work", at IX Sisteccer Congress, November 5th 2015, La Rural. Round-table panelist on Global Trends in Sustainable Architecture at VII International Conference + Exhibition Green Building, 2015. “Enclosure as an element of comfort”, October 2006. Project Ezeiza International Airport at Airport Congress, organizer AA2000, August 2007. Panelist Gen 40 Designers, 2012 CTDO CABA. Exposition The Hand Thinks, 2012, CPAU CABA. TEN 10 Design Trends, Designers in Great Works, 2014.

Diego Solsona

Architect (FADU-UBA, 1994). During his professional career he has been part of the firm Árevalo|Gentil|Solsona (1995/96) specialised in commercial design in projects for firms such as Aluar, Klaukol and Construed, among others. Associated with architects Miguel Mc Comarck and Marcela Chiarelli in the firm Solsona and Associates (1996/2001), they engaged in design and project management of multi unit residential towers and office towers. He is a specialist in the combination of art and architecture, he has developed a novel concept about how to deal with space and “matter” as a departing point for the fruition of spaces, that he has materialized both in his work as a designer and as an artist. This aspects are seen, specially, in the House “Enrico and Valeria” (2002/2004), House “Los Abrojos (1995), “House-Workshop Manzone” (2007) and in the Club House at Country Club “Los Puentes” (1997). In 1997 he started to exhibit his productions in Art Galleries, National and International Annual Exhibitions. As an artist, he participated on several occasions as an exhibitor at Casa FOA and at the Art Fair ARTEBA; He has been a partner at the firm MSGSSS Architects since 2015, working as a construction project manager.

Josefina Santos

Architect graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1956. Founding member of the GAP Studio which then gave rise to the Manteola, Sánchez Gómez, Santos, Solsona, Salaberry, Vinson Architects. She has developed her activity involved in different projects and competitions.
Professor of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires. Nationally recognized for high quality and standard of their projects.
Member of the Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism, which was part of the Board during the decade 1988-1998.
She joined the Honorary Advisory Commission relations between the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires and the Councils of Architecture and Urbanism and Civil Engineering. Jury member of the College of Jurors and Advisors of the Central Society of Architects. She is recently retired.

Justo Solsona

Architect (UBA, 1956). He worked in teaching at the University of Buenos Aires to the mass resignation of 1966 went back to work as Professor in 1983. He currently directs the Master in Advanced Architectural Design at the Graduate School. Founding member of the Studio Manteola, Sánchez Gómez, Santos, Solsona, Sallaberry, Vinson Architects since 1966 whose most notable works are ATC, Mendoza stadium, the second prize of the National Library, the Prourban and Mulieris towers, and housing complexes as Aluar, Piedrabuena and Torres Rioja. Among his publications are: Do and say; Solsona. Notes for an autobiography; Modern Architecture in Argentina 1930-1950; Avenida de Mayo and La Escuelita (performed together). Since 1999, his paintings are exhibited in Cultural center Recoleta and Cultural Center Borges exhibitions. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Central Society of Architects (2009) and Guest of Honor by the National University of La Plata. Lifetime Achievement Award Jorge Glusberg XVI17 International Architecture Biennial Buenos Aires.

Alberto Peluso

Argentine (1955), he has performed administrative works in the firm since 1979, first as proxy and then as general manager at the firm. He is in charge of the administration, finance, hiring, billing, budgets, and balance sheets. He has been a partner and director of MSGSSS architects since 2016.