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National Exhibitions

Exhibition at The College of Architects, in Tucumán.

Exhibition hall Arqto Jorge Vivanco. Organized by: Extensión & Comunication Department. Tucumán, Argentina. 2008

Exhibition in the National University of the Coast.

Santa Fe, Argentina. 2007

Trajectory Exhibition (FAUD UNMdP)

Plaza del Agua. Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2007

Trajectory Exhibition (UNL/FADU).

Santa Fe, Argentina. 2007

Trajectory Exhibition. La Plata,(UNLP).

Centro Cultural Islas Malvinas. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2007

Trajectory Exhibition. Recoleta Cultural Center.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2005

Exhibition in Buenos Aires Architecture Biennal.

Award FV-Ferrum. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1998.

Ibero-American Forum on reflection of the “Heritage future”.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1996

Exhibition in Buenos Aires Architecture Biennal.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1995, 1993, 1991, 1989 y 1985 editions

Exhibition studio works

Province of Corrientes, Argentina. 1983

Internationals exhibitions

Latin America in Construction. Architecture 1955-1980

MoMA. 2015

International exhibition of architecs and artist “30 Years After”.

Guadalajara. 2001

International exhibition of architecs and artist “30 Years After”.

Budapest. 2000-2001

VII Venice Biennial.

Olimpic Swimming Complex of Mar del Plata. Argentina. 2000

Exhibition at GA ´89 “International Exhibition”.

Organized by GA Magazine Tokyo, Japan. 1989

Exhibition at Venice Biennial.

Venece, Italy. 1997

Exhibition “Argentine architects”.

Organized by Institut Français d´ Architecture. France. 1988

Exhibition “Architecture in Latin America”.

Berlin, Germany. 1985

Exhibition at the III Paris Biennial.

Paris, France. 1985

Exhibition at Venice Biennial.“Progetto Venezia”. Venece, Italy. 1985

International Exhibition at El Cairo.

Architects International Union. El Cairo, Egypt. 1984

Muestra Internacional de Arquitectura.

Quito, Ecuador. 1984

“Latinoamerican architecture”.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1984

XIII Paris Biennial.

Paris, France. 1983

Exhibition in the Faculty of Architecture in Venice.

Venice, Italy. 1983

“Architecture in Latin America”.

Unión Internacional de Arquitectos. Berlin, Germany. 1982